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  1. Culture Code: Creating a Company you Love

    A colleague recently forwarded to me the HubSpot Culture Code. It is a voluminous slide deck about a company that is continually and tirelessly working on creating an organization they love. Because HubSpot values transparency as well as inbound marketing, (e.g. appealing to and attracting dream customers), they have shared this with the community at large. Who wouldn’t read this document and say, That’s where I want to work!

    Like the company, the culture code is a work in progress.  There are 10 guiding precepts, which can easily be shaped into a set of Simple Rules. With all due respect, I have distilled the following from their list, which are applicable for many organizations, communities and teams.

    I’d venture to say that HubSpot is conducting its own ongoing Radical Inquiry and knows exactly who they are, what is important, and how they want to connect with others.

    HubSpot Simple Rules:

    • Value metrics AND mission.
    • Radically pursue transparency.
    • Invest in mastery for the individual and the whole; value for the greater whole.
    • Speak the truth and face the facts.
    • Never stop learning, growing, and seeking the possibilities.

    What do you think?hubspot


  2. If I Had a Hammer – Only

    How many times have you heard the old saw,  If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail?

    Well, sometimes all you have IS a hammer, as writer/contributor TJ McCue noted in a recent piece in Forbes.  If that is the case, you’d better make the most of it.  And what he suggested seemed to me like a smart and sensible short list of simple rules, applicable in myriad situations.

    • Become a sculptor.  A sculptor is someone who shapes, molds, or fashions, especially with artistry or precision. Shift your current perspective to create something special, new and innovative, conceiving a different pattern around you. Be sure to let your passion in.
    • Break things. Every now and then it is a good idea to be disruptive, intrusive, take part in creative conflict and smash the status quo. Ideas and perspectives will collide; new patterns will emerge. What a great way to get unstuck.
    • Make noise. Speak up – yell if necessary – if you have something important to say. In order to ‘bang some sense’ into someone’s head and get them to listen, you may need to make a racket in order to capture their attention and imagination.
    • Carry it on your belt. Let your intentions and beliefs be not only visible but transparent as well.  In addition, be prepared to be asked, answer, share, tout, explore, discuss and discover with others what it is you see, understand, and are ready to act upon. Isn’t that the point?hammer2


    Like any tool or rule, you must use it wisely.  And it must fit with who you are, what’s important to you, and how you want to connect with others in the world.

    If I had a hammer … well, what do YOU think?