Barry – Stanford, CA Posted August 1, 2012 by Simple Rules Foundation

Barry, from Stanford, CA, is an energetic, effective, innovative leader.

Here’s the set of 4 I currently use in my life.  There is significant overlap in my wording and form with the HSD Institute’s – which I recognize and appreciate.  They not only work for me but there are certain words, like “Attend,” where I first resisted the word and then came to understand it well enough to recognize its deeper values.

The items under the four are statements I use to help me explore the rule in various circumstances.

  • Attend to self, husband, family, community.
    • What is most important to you right now?
    • How do you think I would do it or want it to go?
    • Do what needs doing.
    • If there was something you needed done, what would it be?
    • Be quiet. Be open-minded. Be present. Be available. Be willing to ask, hear, and do.


  • Love and play well.
    • Witness.
    • Wonder.
    • Socialize.
    • Games.
    • Attend.


  • Search for the true and the useful.
    • What, So What, Now What?
    • Four Truths.
    • Five Why’s– embrace my inner two year old.
    • Ensure the obvious is known.
    • “TRIZ” — a method in engineering for driving innovation.


  • Give and get value for value.
    • Does it tie into passion? Inspiring?
    • Can I make a difference?
    • Will I learn something?
    • Can I ‘measure’ and improve?
    • Have a mentor; be a mentor.
    • Satisfy the hunger.