Freshness, Vigor and Humanity Posted May 23, 2013 by Simple Rules Foundation

I recently came across a fun post by Derek Humphries about how organizations and their leaders have lost the art of communicating to their target audiences with “freshness, vigor, and humanity.”  Can you be yourself AND great – without key messages, ignoring the brand police and shunning impenetrable organizational jargon?

Yes! And all it takes is a short list of simple rules.

  • Share with enthusiasm, wonder and sense of discovery
  • Engage with individuals and groups alike
  • Use your own voice and your ears
  • Take risks
  • Work hard to pursue what is truly important

So, based upon these simple rules, who in your organization is possessed with a passion for what you do, and has an ability to communicate it in a simple, accessible, human and inspiring way?

Now, let them inspire.

Thanks, Derek!101fundraising.1