Lynne – British Columbia Posted August 1, 2012 by Simple Rules Foundation

Lynne, from British Columbia, is a Clinical Nurse Specialist in maternal, infant and child health care.

My Simple Rules:

  • Practice awareness daily
  • Honour mind, body, and spirit
  • Leave something for tomorrow
  • Focus on what is most important
  • Celebrate progress
  • Write priority list with details/steps for each project
    • Update after each session working on the project or when a new project starts
    • Save to desk top for easy access – celebrate completion of steps toward finish
    • Save to H-drive every Friday
    • When focused on a project, leave email until project work is put away
  • Plan time to end work day at beginning of day
    • Put in calendar after logging on in morning
    • Add reminder in calendar 1 hour before end of day – answer emails
    • Reminder in calendar 30 min before end of day – tidy office/update priority list
    • Record hours at work and hours worked at home daily
    • Ensure work hours plan allows time for exercise, stretch, & wakeful stillness