On Being Prepared Posted November 1, 2012 by Simple Rules Foundation

My great aunt kept a large hat by the front door, for company.

Whenever the doorbell rang, she quickly donned the hat before opening to see who it was.  If her visitor was someone she did not want to visit with she would tell them she was just putting on her hat and coat to go out, and so they couldn’t stay.  “Perhaps another time?” she’d say wistfully, with the right tone of regret and doubt.

If her visitor was someone she would enjoy visiting with she would tell them that she had arrived home moments before, and was just taking off her hat.  “Won’t you come in?” she’d say with a broad smile.

What a simple solution to a bothersome problem!


Simple Rules for answering the door:

  • Look through the peephole with an open mind and open heart.
  • Be prepared for what is waiting for you on the other side.
  • Create a welcoming space.
  • Appreciate the view from other perspectives.
  • Don’t walk around in your pajamas past 10 a.m.

Contributed by Connie, Watertown, MA.