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  1. Agreeing to Disagree

    Let’s agree to disagree.”

    How often have we heard these words in the context of work and play?  When you and someone else have reached a point where further discussion cannot possibly move the situation forward – and might harm your relationship or desired outcomes – that seems to be the time to agree-to-disagree.

    So when I recently came across a blog that talked about not having to win every argument, I realized I was looking at their short list of simple rules for handing conflict (and agreeing to disagree.)  Special thanks to Ian Lawton at Soulseeds.

    Simple Rules for Handling Conflict

    • Don’t attend every argument you’re invited to.
    • Do no harm, but take no shit.
    • Own your own shit.
    • Respect others perspectives without giving up your own.
    • Separate the person from the perspective.

    After all, some battles are worth fighting, some are not, and some are better left alone. What do you think?