Agreeing to Disagree Posted July 22, 2013 by Simple Rules Foundation

Let’s agree to disagree.”

How often have we heard these words in the context of work and play?  When you and someone else have reached a point where further discussion cannot possibly move the situation forward – and might harm your relationship or desired outcomes – that seems to be the time to agree-to-disagree.

So when I recently came across a blog that talked about not having to win every argument, I realized I was looking at their short list of simple rules for handing conflict (and agreeing to disagree.)  Special thanks to Ian Lawton at Soulseeds.

Simple Rules for Handling Conflict

  • Don’t attend every argument you’re invited to.
  • Do no harm, but take no shit.
  • Own your own shit.
  • Respect others perspectives without giving up your own.
  • Separate the person from the perspective.

After all, some battles are worth fighting, some are not, and some are better left alone. What do you think?