Bret, Hartford, CT Posted June 7, 2014 by Simple Rules Foundation


As someone who frequents and sincerely enjoys cafes, coffee bars, local eateries, public spaces, and other wi fi accessible areas to work when not at my desk, I have learned to appreciate community rules and follow the etiquette of the common ground. Recently I started paying attention to my own and the behaviors of others “on the road.” Most travelers respect the parameters of good sense and good manners; it is also enlightening to identify and observe those who don’t. Keep an eye out next time you are having an espresso. What kind of customer are you?


Simple Rules for Taking Advantage – without Taking Advantage – of Public Wi Fi in Private Places.

  • Order Something. Sitting for hours at someone’s place of business requires a reasonable purchase in direct proportion to your time there.
  • Respect Peak Hours. Limit your time taking up revenue space during lunchtime or other high volume times.
  • Don’t Occupy the Biggest Table. Even if you like to spread out, you are a party of one.
  • Use the Buddy System. Sharing or pairing up with someone else reading, working or studying is friendly, courteous and a good way to meet an interesting stranger.


These are not original and I don’t know if they are exactly posted anywhere, but someone I met at Panera’s shared these with me. I’m passing them along.