Culture Code: Creating a Company you Love Posted April 23, 2013 by Simple Rules Foundation

A colleague recently forwarded to me the HubSpot Culture Code. It is a voluminous slide deck about a company that is continually and tirelessly working on creating an organization they love. Because HubSpot values transparency as well as inbound marketing, (e.g. appealing to and attracting dream customers), they have shared this with the community at large. Who wouldn’t read this document and say, That’s where I want to work!

Like the company, the culture code is a work in progress.  There are 10 guiding precepts, which can easily be shaped into a set of Simple Rules. With all due respect, I have distilled the following from their list, which are applicable for many organizations, communities and teams.

I’d venture to say that HubSpot is conducting its own ongoing Radical Inquiry and knows exactly who they are, what is important, and how they want to connect with others.

HubSpot Simple Rules:

  • Value metrics AND mission.
  • Radically pursue transparency.
  • Invest in mastery for the individual and the whole; value for the greater whole.
  • Speak the truth and face the facts.
  • Never stop learning, growing, and seeking the possibilities.

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