Dannie, North Carolina Posted October 29, 2014 by Simple Rules Foundation

A colleague of mine asked me to speak to a group of her graduate students. I came up with the following which seemed appropriate and I believe would serve us all well beyond the bounds of the classroom.


Simple Rules for Every Student

  • Always do your homework: be prepared – in fact, shoot for over-prepared.
  • Work and play well with others: reach out and develop strong, lasting relationships. You never know when that give-and-take will benefit one or both of you.
  • Go for extra credit: do more than you have to and exceed expectations. People will remember how you treat them.
  • Never stop learning: everywhere you look there are opportunities for growth and development. There is always a takeaway if you look for it.
  • Don’t skip recess: take the time for reflection, discovering purpose and a turn at bat.

What do you think?