Griff, Director of Cocomotion, UK Posted November 1, 2012 by Simple Rules Foundation

Cocomotion is a non-profit community of coaches committed to supporting organisational and individual learning in the third sector (charities, social enterprises). We’ve been running for about two years and over the last couple of months have been looking at how to best unfold the community (grow it), and have been exploring Human Systems Dynamics tools.

We developed a set of simple rules which emerged from how we are already working, and then tested them with new Cocomotion members, which quickly refined the rules to this current set.

1. Engage in learning for all – clients, you, community.

2. Notice what changes and share stories to inform community and third sector.

3. Let curiosity lead: take risks and aim for surprise.

4. Do what you think is right for sustainable outcomes for you, the client and Cocomotion.

5. Create a safe space for self and other.

6. Do it for the love of it and have fun.

We found simple rule development to be quite subtle – the key thing seemed to be to keep them at the right level: not so low level that they feel behavioural, nor so high level that they become vague. I am really curious to see how our ‘semi autonomous agents’ actually work with these in real life. Anyway, it’s been a great process and the discussions about the rules have made it clear where our mojo is!