Jeremy – Seattle, WA Posted August 1, 2012 by Simple Rules Foundation

Jeremy, from Seattle, WA, is an agile coach, a maker, an entrepreneur, a doer/dreamer. He’s started (and help run) 4 companies including a non-profit dance organization, and a Montessori school.

My simple rules are:

  • Offer clarity + choice.
  • Say the hard thing.
  • Remember to play + pray.
  • Hold space for greatness.

What’s important to me are people, relationships, connecting, building things with people, community, growing myself and others.  I think at the moment, I’m focusing on growing as a coach + consultant, and on loving what I do.

To look at how I got to my rules, it’s probably simplest to look at each one:

Offer clarity + choice  …as opposed to offering advice to clients, or offering nothing, or not knowing where to start. It’s meant to be humble place to start (I hear this, I see these as your options), and hopefully empowering for the people in my life.

Say the hard thing  …as opposed to saying the easy thing. This is hard, and I struggle with it, but every time I do, I am rewarded a clearer conscience and often more intimacy and trust in my relationship. As a consultant, I never again want to skirt the elephant in the room.

Remember to play + pray  …as opposed to waking up one day and realizing that i haven’t spoken to God in a month or that I can’t remember the last time I had a really good laugh. As intensely as I attack the world, I struggle with balance, and yet I’m not happy and who I want to be when these are missing.

Hold space for greatness  …as opposed to settling, or allowing those I love to settle. As a coach and a friend, I think it’s my duty to hold the potential for awesome for those around me and for myself. People rise to it.

These are all really about the times when I’ve felt most alive. I have this crazy notion that I am at my best when I’m doing these things; my work is to hold on to them and actually use them to guide my life right now.