Lighthouse Montessori School, Seattle, WA Posted September 4, 2012 by Simple Rules Foundation

Here at Lighthouse Montessori School, our global community models compassion and peaceful conflict resolution. We cherish the growth and self-creation of our children. This is the world we want to create and the world that we work for every day.

Our Simple Rules lead to congruence in complex systems, like Schools. These are the rules that guide our decisions.

  • Hear all voices.  This is about listening and really hearing
  • Sit on your hands.  When we are tempted to do something for someone that they can do for themselves, we will stop ourselves, even if it means sitting on our hands!
  • Ask for help, even if you don’t need it.  We believe asking for help creates trust & community whether it’s asking a child to help us wash the dishes, or asking a parent to help us in a bake sale.
  • Aim for growth.  Growth of the child, growth of the school, growth of ourselves…
  • See the child who is and the child who will be.  Montessori believed that the job of guides is to both meet the child where she is but also to see the child not yet there and clear a pathway for her to bloom. We agree!