Making a Difference Posted February 22, 2017 by Simple Rules Foundation


I am a big proponent of the notion that #1SimpleThing can change everything. Just think what might happen if you turned left instead of right at the next intersection, accepted one job offer over another, or met and swapped stories with a stranger sitting next to you on an airplane. The Butterfly Effect – that a butterfly flapping its wings in South America can affect the weather in New York City – is alive and well.

Influence is an interesting concept: the smallest gesture or deed can in fact trigger a memory, brainstorm, or feeling that propels you in a new and exciting direction. Or reminds you of what is really important.

Yesterday, a colleague shared this bit of wisdom with me, and it resonated. “Treat every interaction as if it makes a difference.” What a lovely thought; perhaps it’s a Simple Rule for you to reflect on.