Managing Holiday Stress Posted November 29, 2012 by Simple Rules Foundation

It may be just me, but I find wherever I go and whatever I do, I am bumping into short lists of simple rules. For example, I was recently having a conversation with a close colleague about the joys and trials of holiday time. (Are you still getting over Thanksgiving, too?) As with any choices we make, personally or professionally, there are tradeoffs. And so within the space of enjoying a good cup of tea we came up with a set of simple rules for managing holiday stress. The subtext here is, of course, the choices we make: who we are, what is important, and how we want to connect with others.

So these may not work for you, but as with anything, they present a place to start. What do you think?

–  Control your calendar. The choices you make and the priorities you identify help you manage your time and options in large and small ways.

–  Plan ahead. Whenever you can, be proactive. This is a luxury we often overlook.

–  Mind your body. Enjoy and pay attention to both your wants and needs. If you do not take care of yourself, you will not be able to take care of much else.

–  Relax amidst the chaos. Consciously push pause, take a breath, refresh and renew. Then dive back in.

–  Count your blessings. Everyday recognize and appreciate and give thanks what matters most.