SRF, Arizona Posted February 18, 2015 by Simple Rules Foundation

As a counterpoint to the last story, here is another list of (not quite) Simple Rules on how to ruin the office culture. They come courtesy of Employee Benefit News and certainly provide some food for thought. I believe culture comes from the top, so what is the culture you and your leaders are creating and sustaining? And by the way, just how do YOU manage?

  •  Hold the positive feedback, provide negative feedback. After all, why should employees feel good about themselves? And really, positive feedback is just “the cotton candy of HR tactics.”
  • Take credit for the work of others. After all, you hired them, right?
  • Get employees to hyper-compete with each other. After all, this leaves the most talented individuals standing, separating the producers from the non-producers.
  • Ignore the great ideas of your employees. After all, are you even listening to them?
  • Keep dead weight around, but fire talent for no reason. After all, it’s best to keep your employees off-balance.
  • Keep tabs on employees by stalking social media. After all, it’s probably not illegal yet in your state, so keep sniffing around for the good stuff.
  • Haze outgoing employees. After all, they have some nerve! Besides, “People quitting your organization are quitters.”
  • Ignore work-life balance. After all, your employees were hired to be at work and that’s where you always expect them to be.

What’s wrong with this picture? Yes, this is the way it is at some organizations. Is this your organization?