Steve, California, US Posted November 16, 2013 by Simple Rules Foundation

Everyone worries about time management: so much to do, so little time, so much left at the end of the day. Steve Tobak, start-up expert and contributor for, has a different idea. He believes “our national obsession with self-improvement and personal productivity” actually costs more than it saves. His recent article got me thinking and these simple rules emerged.

Simple Rules for Managing Time Management (and a few other things)

  • Give up the search for shortcuts. Quick fixes and ‘good enough’ may sound good, but is it really quick and is it good enough for you?
  • Unplug. Distractions come in the most appealing and appalling shapes and sizes. When you are ready to focus, turn off and tune out.
  • Plot your own course. We learn and grow from every interaction but what counts is your own style, perspective, technique, approach and manner.
  • Know yourself.  This old saw is always apt. Productivity and creativity come from within. Find your own rhythm, space, time and pace. One (wo)man’s chaos/choice is another (wo)man’s inspiration/revelation. It is STILL about who you are, what is important, and how you want to connect with the world.

Thanks Steve!