One Simple Thing:
Simple Tools for Living Your Own Theory of Change

Your power lies in your ability to influence the world – and all it takes is doing One Simple Thing every day.

One Simple Thing
offers you an opportunity to discover who you are, what is important to you, and how you want to connect with others. This book provides you with a set of Simple Tools that will allow you to create conditions for learning, reflection, and change. Once you start to explore, recognize, and identify your own patterns of thought and behavior, you will develop an understanding of what motivates you, the future you wish to create, and your next steps.

Now is the time for you to exercise your power to influence the world and alter the status quo. Learn how you can be your best SELF by doing One Simple Thing every day.


Simple Rules Jewelry

The Spiral has found its way into the art of almost all cultures, from Celtic art, native American petroglyphs, Nazca earthworks, Arabic architecture, Japanese rock gardens, Hindu spiritual texts, Australian aboriginal paintings, and African art.  Surprisingly, no religious or political group has claimed exclusive rights to the spiral. It remains non-sectarian, or even pan-sectarian: belonging to everyone and excluding no one.

Throughout time, the spiral has been used to represent:

This symbol represents something very special to us that is deeply embedded in our work. You can also make it your own.

Blue Glass Spirals

This beautiful fused glass pendant is crafted from dichroic glass. The transparent background highlights spiral swirls in light silver spirals as the light hits. Each handcrafted piece is 1.125” long x 1.125” wide at the widest point, and signed and numbered on the back. Individually made, each is unique and available in lapis blue, shown, crimson, or midnight black, and come with an 18” sterling silver chain.

Item SSDG09: $44.90

Celtic Spiral

This solid sterling Celtic pendant (.925 silver), is individually handcrafted in Ireland by a silversmith. The spiral charm measures 7/8” top to bottom and 5/8” in width. The polished finish reflects the light with a magical glow. It comes on an 18” sterling silver chain.

Item ICSS08: $38.90

Jasper Beads

This piece is made from beautiful Red Creek jasper stone beads, each with unique colors and patterns, then wrapped with high gauge black craft wire. The pendant measures 2 inches across from edge to edge and 3 inches from bail to bottom edge, with a black leather cord. Individually handmade, no two pieces are alike. Palette colors include desert earth tones, turquoise, azure, red and gold.

Item CCJB06: $55.90

Tribal Spiral Choker

This artisan translates this ancient design into a contemporary silver choker. Three spiral pendants, 0.6” long by 0.6” wide, are handcrafted and hang from a 14.6” sterling chain. The necklace is .950 silver and features a rustic, rugged finish. Every piece is individually made in Northern Thailand.

Item NOSC12: $107.90

Simple Rules: A Radical Inquiry into Self

Going Beyond Self-Help, Discover Your Ability to Change the World and Generate Self-Hope

How can one person effectively influence the world and create change in their lives? How does one individual develop sound, productive options for action that help to achieve greater success and make a difference?

Simple Rules: A Radical Inquiry into Self offers a straightforward, uncomplicated approach to merging what you believe and understand about your world, and action. Simple rules guide behavior and create the structure within which you live your life. A short list of simple rules, however, is more than a checklist: it is part of the larger dialogue.

Simple Rules encompasses both a discipline that generates new knowledge and the application of this knowledge to transform action and results.


Radical Inquiry Journal: A Companion Tool for Simple Rules, A Radical Inquiry into Self

How can you effectively influence the world and change your life? How can you develop options for action that help you achieve greater success and make a difference for yourself and others?

Radical Inquiry Journal reveals a straightforward, uncomplicated approach to understanding and transforming your life to align with your values. Very simply, your behavior creates patterns and expectations that shape how you live. By consciously choosing how you behave and interact with others, you create a foundation for everything you do. These are your simple rules. Are these patterns working for you?

These two volumes show you how to enforce the patterns that are positive and shift the patterns that are negative. The resounding message throughout: you can do it!


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